Zwi Perez Chajes, also Tzvi-Peretz Hayot, (1876 – 14 December 1927) was a rabbi, historian, biblical scholar and a notable Zionist leader.


Zwi Perez Chajes's grave

Chajes was born in 1876 in Brody, then in Austria-Hungary, now in Ukraine. He was the grandson of the Zvi Hirsch Chajes. Hayot learned in a Yeshiva and was ordained as a rabbi and also studied at a university.

He served as the rabbi of the Jewish community in Florence, Italy from 1901 and also headed the rabbinical school in Florence. Subsequently and until 1918, Hayot served as a rabbi in the city of Trieste.

From 1918 to his death, Chajes served as the chief rabbi of the Jewish community of Vienna. In addition, he was also the Chairman of the Zionist General Council from 1921 to 1925.

Chajes died in Vienna in 1927. His remains were later taken to Israel and he was reburied in the Trumpeldor cemetery in Tel Aviv. The main Jewish school in Vienna is named after him.