Ze'ev Revach (Hebrew: זאב רווח‎‎) (born 1940) is an Israeli comedian, movie actor, and director. He is a star of the Israeli movie genre known as bourekas films.


Ze'ev Revach was born in Morocco. He served as a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces before studying acting in Tel Aviv.[1] He has appeared in some 30 films since graduating from Beit Zvi acting school.[2]

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz described Revach's films as a "peculiarly Israeli genre of comic melodramas or tearjerkers... based on ethnic stereotypes that flourished [in Israel] in the 1960s and 1970s."[3]

Some of his films, notably "Hasamba," "Hagiga B'Snooker", and "Charlie Ve'hetzi" developed a local cult following.[2]

Awards and recognition

In 2000, Revach won the Israeli Film Academy's best actor award for his role as Shabtai Kassodas in Beitar Provence.[4]

Revach was honored at the Cinema South festival held in Sderot in May 2010. The festival organizers, explaining their decision, said that "a renewed look at his movies shows that they are critical, subversive, Israeli and Mediterranean texts, both in form and in content." [2]



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