Yosef Carmon is an Israeli actor and theater director.[1][2] Born in Poland in 1933, he arrived in Palestine in 1946. He studied acting in London, and participated in numerous Israeli films and plays; Carmon has been an actor at the Cameri Theater for over 50 years, participating in 40 plays, of them 17 by playwright Hanoch Levin, including the title role in Job's Passion, for which he received the "David's Violin" award. Other awards he has received include The Cameri Prize,[3] The Moshe HaLevi Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Rosenblum Lifetime Achievement Award. Carmon has also directed several plays at the theater, including some of Levin's work; his film appearances include Alila,[4]Mr. Baum,[5]Aunt Clara[6] and Tel Aviv - Berlin.


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