Yitzhak Laor (Hebrew: יצחק לאור, born in 1948) is an Israeli poet, author and journalist. He is the author of ten poetry books, three novels, three collections of short stories, two collections of essays and one play.[1] He is mostly known for his poetry of political protest, particularly about the 1982 Lebanon War and the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. In his poem "In a Village whose Name I don't even know" he imagines himself stranded in a Lebanese village: "For a moment I hoped that I would be caught". His book The Myths of Liberal Zionism was published in English by Verso Books in February 2009.[2]

In a June 2011 article in Haaretz, Laor went on record as opposing Zionism, stating "Liberation from Zionism is not a dirty word... we have to get rid of Zionism".[3][4]

He was born in 1948 in Pardes Hanna, Israel.