Yehoshua Bertonov (Hebrew: יהושע ברטונוב‎‎, 1879–1971), was an Israeli stage actor.


Bertonov was born in 1879 in Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire, and acted in the theatre in Vilna (Vilnius) from 1902 to 1911. He established a Jewish amateur theatre group that performed in the Sholem Aleichem theatre in Moscow. He was also one of the founders of the Habima Theatre in Moscow in 1918, and was a director of the first play performed in that theatre.

He emigrated to Mandate Palestine in 1928, together with the Habimah Theatre.

Awards and honours

  • In 1959, Bertonov was awarded the Israel Prize, in theatre.[1]
  • The Bertonov Hall at the Habima Theatre is named after him.


Bertonov's daughter is the Israel Prize winning dancer and choreographer, Devorah Bertonov,[2] and his son was the actor and announcer, Solomon Bertonov.


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