Yehezkel Lazarov and Alena Yiv in the movie "The Fifth Heaven", 2012

Yehezkel Lazarov (Hebrew: יחזקאל לזרוב Y'ḥezeqel Lazarov‎‎, born 8 February 1974) is an Israeli actor,[1] voice actor,[2] dancer and choreographer. He played in Three Mothers next to Miri Mesika and The Debt.[3]


Lazarov was born in Tel Aviv in a religious Jewish family with roots in Bukhara and Bulgaria. He began to dance at the age of eight and learned at the Telma Yelin high school in Giv'atayim. He was drafted to the Israel Defense Forces and served in a military entertainment ensemble. After his discharge in 1993, he spent four years in the Bat Sheva ballet ensemble. He studied in Paris and later performed at the "Actors' Center" in London. In 1998 he became known with a role in the movie "Forbidden love". In 2001 he joined the Gesher theatre in Jaffa, where he played in "Midsummer Night's Dream" and in adaptations for theatre of Isaac Bashevis Singer's novels "Shosha", "The Slave", in the show "Variations for Theatre and Orchestra", based upon older Russian romances and songs from the Czarist and Soviet period, in the Brecht and Weil's "The threepennies Opera" and others.

Lazarov also provided the voice for a character in 2008 Golden Globe-winning animated documentary Waltz with Bashir.


Graduated from Thelma Yellin Art School and served in the IDF Entertainment Ensemble. After completing his service in 1993, he joined the Bat Sheva Dance Company for four years. He studied theater at the Actors’ Centre in London before joining “Gesher” Theater (for 5 years) and the Cameri Theater (for 7 years) as an actor, director and choreographer. Lazarov has played leading roles in numerous films and television productions. As a visual artist, Lazarov has shown photography and video-art works in several gallery exhibitions. He has written and directed three plays: “Hezi”, “Radio Heaven” and most recently, “Igloo”, which premièred at the Israel Festival 2013. Lazarov has written and directed two short films, “Lashabiya” and “No Lifeguard”, which have been screened to much acclaim at several intentional film festivals. He has also acted as the curator and artistic director of several art exhibitions in Tel Aviv.


Lazarov was born on February 8, 1974 in Tel-Aviv. He started to perform when he was 8 years old in many musicals as a Tap dancer. He studied at Thelma Yelin Art High School, and served in a Military Entertainment Air Force Ensemble as a singer. In 1993, he joined the Bat-Sheva Contemporary Ballet Dance Company(Artistic director-Ohad Naharin) till 1997 ("Anafaza", "Mabool", "Zina", "Yag", "Kir" and more). He studied theatre at the 'Actors Center' in London 2001. Lazarov joined the 'Gesher Theatre' at 2001 and 'Cameri Theatre' in 2007. Lazarov is an In House Choreographer at Gesher and Cameri Theatres.

Film credits

  • Director - "Stempeniu" A play by Edna Mazya . Camery Theatre. 2012
  • Writer, Director - “Lashabiya“, 2009. (A short film). (officially selected at "Manhattan Short Festival", "Barcelona Film Festival ",Haifa F.F)
  • Writer, Director - “Radio Heaven”, 2006. (A theater play)
  • Writer, Director - “Hezi”, Gesher Theatre, 2005. (A theater play)
  • Director – “Unknown Artist”, Acting, Dance and Music Improvisation, 2006.


  • "The world is funny"[4] (supporting- Roni \ director - Shemi Zarhin \ p. Moshe Edri \ 2012)
  • "Plastelina"(Lead- Eli Bachar \ director- Vidi Bilu \ production-Matar \ 2012)
  • "Fifth Heaven" (Lead- Dov Markovski \ director- Dina Zvi Riclis \ p. Yifat Prastelnic \ 2011)
  • "Traces of love" (Lead - Sami Cohen\ director- Nisim Notrica \ p. Riki Shelach \ 2011)
  • "Till the End of the World" (Lead - Shalom \ director-Rani Magar\ p. Ori Sabag 2010)
  • "Waltz with Bashir"[5] (supporting - Carmi \ director- Ari Folman \ 2008 \ best film golden globe)
  • "The Shelter" (Lead- the father \ director -Roi Orenstein \ p. Clouds \ 2007)[6]
  • "The Debt"[7] ( Lead- Ehood \ director- Asaf Bernstein\ p. Ethan Even \2007)
  • "3 Mothers"[8] ( supporting- Felix \ Dina Zvi Riclis \ p. Yifat Prastelnic \ 2006)
  • "The Game of Truth and False" ( Lead - Tomer \ director- July Shlez \ p. Ori Sabag \ 2004)
  • "Tree Stars"( Lead – Daniel \ director - Hagay Levi \ 1997)
  • "Forbidden Love"(the Dibbuk)( Lead- Hannan \ director -Yossi Zomer\ Zodiac pro. \ 1996)
  • "The Strawberry"(supporting \ director - Ori Barabash \1992)

Theater performances

  • The Gesher Theatre, (Artistic director-Evgeni Arye) 2001-2006
  • "The Three Penny Opera":( Lead \ Meck the knife)-(best promising actor 2002-3)
  • "variation for theater and orchestra"
  • "The Marriage of Figaro": (Lead \ Figaro)
  • "The Lady with the Dog": (Lead \ Dimity Gorov)
  • "Mid-Summer Night's Dream": (Lead \ Lisander)
  • "The slave": (Stefan)
  • The Cameri Theatre (Artistic director-Omri Nizan) 2007–Present
  • "Stempeniu" (Lead\ Stempeniu)
  • "The Aristocrats" (Lead\ Rudi)
  • "Yentel": ( Lead \ Avigdor)
  • "Was it a Dream": (Lead \ Alexander Pen)
  • "The Big Sea": ( Lead \ Noach) 2007


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  • Lazarov designed and choreographed igloo.