Yael Bar Zohar (Hebrew: יעל בר זוהר‎‎; born January 29, 1980) is an Israeli actress, model and television host.


Bar Zohar was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. She started her modeling career wearing bathing suits in a swimwear catalogue, and filmed a commercial at the age of 15. She was cast for a role in the popular soap opera Ramat Aviv Gimmel.[1] She then turned to modelling[2] She made her musical theater debut in the Israeli play Mary-Lou, based on songs by Israeli singer Svika Pick. In 2005, she starred as Belle in the Israeli premiere of Beauty and the Beast.

In September 2005, Bar Zohar married Israeli actor Guy Zo-aretz. Their first son was born on October 25, 2007. The family lives in Tel Aviv.

She has acted as 'mistress of ceremonies' for a group wedding in 2006.[3]


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