Yaacov (Yacov) Bleiman (Hebrew: יעקב בליימן‎‎; September 8, 1947, Vilnius[1] – June, 2004[2]) was a Lithuanian–Israeli chess master.

Bleiman spent a decade designing a smart bomb that was procured by the Israeli Air Force for its F-16 fighter jets in 2003.[2]


In 1965, Bleiman played in World Junior Championship in Barcelona (Bojan Kurajica won). In 1971, he tied for 7-8th in Netanya (Lubomir Kavalek and Bruno Parma won).[3] In 1976, he tied for 3-4th in Netanya (Avraham Kaldor and Itchak Radashkovich won).[4]

He played for Israel in three Chess Olympiads.[5]

  • In 1970, at second reserve board in 19th Olympiad in Siegen (+4 –0 =5);
  • In 1974, at first reserve board in 21st Olympiad in Nice (+6 –1 =8);
  • In 1978, at fourth board in 23rd Olympiad in Buenos Aires (+3 –1 =3).

He also represented Israel in the 7th European Team Chess Championship at Skara 1980.[5]

Bleiman was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1971.[1]


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