Stefan Lux (November 11, 1888 Malacky – July 3, 1936 Geneva) was a Slovak Jewish journalist, and a Czechoslovak citizen, who committed suicide in the general assembly of the League of Nations during its session on July 3, 1936. He shot himself in order to alert the world leaders of the rising dangers of German antisemitism, expansionism, and militarism.

After shouting "C'est le dernier coup" ("This is the final blow"), he shot himself with a revolver.[1]

Condemning his act, but paying tribute to his cause, the journalist Léon Savary concluded: "People bold enough to fight for justice shouldn't kill themselves, but stay at their position."

His actions were misreported by the world media at the time.

Lux was also a writer, a theater actor, and a film director,[2] who published his work under the pseudonym Peter Sturmbusch.

He was wounded on more than one occasion during World War I.[3]


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  • As film Director:
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Amen. a Costa-Gavras movie of 2002 begins with the suicide of Stefan Lux in Geneva.

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