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Shaul Berezovsky (sometimes spelt Berezowski) (1908-1975) was a Polish Jewish composer, pianist, music director. Born in Grodno, 1926-1929 studied at Warsaw conservatory and later lived in Białystok, where he directed the orchestra at the Apollo and had a jazz band in the military.[1]

Between the wars he toured with Yiddish theater companies, directing the orchestras or as a piano accompanist. During the war he was music director for Shimon Dzigan and Israel Shumacher's revi-teater productions in Russia. After their arrest, he was arranger and accompanist for actress-singer Anna Guzik.

After the war he returned to Poland and settled in Łódź, directing the folk-choir, wrote music for Ida Kaminska's Yiddish Melokhishe (State) theater (Hershele Ostropolyer, In a vinter-nakht and others) and composed music for films: Mir ibergeblibene (We survivors) and Undzere kinder (Our children)) He also directed the Russian Kalinka choir.[1]

He settled in Israel in 1957 where he continued to work in Yiddish theater.[2] he wrote music for theater and cinema (including the play and movie "Tsvey kuni Leml" with Mike Burstyn, 1963), and conducted various orchestras. He died on 2 April 1975 in Tel Aviv.

Some of his famous songs include:

  • Unter di khurves fun Poyln (under the ruins of Poland) to poetry of Itzik Manger
  • Ikh Bin Mid (I am tired), also to Manger
  • In geto* to poetry of Mordechai Gebirtig
  • Dem Zeydns Nign (Grandfather's tune)
  • Baym Taykh (By the river) to poetry of Mani Leib


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