Shane Feldman is a motivational speaker and critically acclaimed producer.[1] Shane has been recognized by The United Nations Youth Assembly and The President's Volunteer Initiative, “”, and he has been listed on Youth In Motion's Top 20 Under 20 list.[2]

Feldman is the founder and CEO of Count Me In,[3][4][5] the largest youth-led organization in the world. Born out of what Shane describes as a challenging transition into high school in 2008, Count Me In is an entirely student-led charity and global brand that helps young people find their passion through community involvement. With Shane at the helm, Count Me In has impacted more than 10 million young people to date through speaking tours, educational programs and major broadcasts.[6]

As CEO of Count Me In, Feldman is the creative strategist behind the organization's core programming,[7] which help young people find their passion through volunteerism. The unique initiative connects youth with community opportunities and causes matching their interests, inspiring local involvement, leadership, and social innovation.[8][9]


Shane Feldman is widely respected for cultivating meaningful, story-driven creative content,[10] and has produced major conferences, concerts, film, broadcast events, and other media that have collectively impacted millions worldwide. Feldman has aligned himself with some of the world’s top tier professionals, and has built close relationships with many of today’s media icons. He has worked with some of the industry’s most celebrated talent, including: Shelagh O’Brien (Director, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Sochi 2014),[11] Ben Knechtel (Music Video Director, Carly Rae Jepsen, Chris Hadfield, Juno TV),[12] Josh Shipp (A&E, Lifetime), Luke Bilyk (Degrassi, Lost Girl), Jessie Funk (America’s Got Talent, The Voice), Cody Simpson (Universal Music Group), Kevin Breel (Random House Author, TED Speaker), Ashley Leggat (twice Gemini nominated actress), Hunter March (AwesomenessTV), Carlos Guevara (X Factor USA), Kristen Chenoweth (Emmy & Tony award winner), Nikki Yanofsky (Quincy Jones, A440 Entertainment). Feldman currently works freelance as a Special Events and Creative Content Producer.[13][14]

Count Me In Global Broadcasts

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014, Shane produced Count Me In's first global broadcast. Featuring a diverse line-up of celebrity speakers and entertainers, including Cody Simpson, Nikki Yanofsky, Luke Bilyk and Jessica Tyler of Degrassi fame, Ashley Leggat, Fefe Dobson and other teen icons, the show was designed to motivate young people everywhere to get involved and volunteer in their own communities for a cause of their choice.[15] The first annual Count Me In broadcast had an international reach of over 2.2 million, with viewers tuning in from 69 countries.[13]

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Shane produced the second Count Me In Global Broadcast, which reached over 8 million people with viewers tuning in from 104 countries.[16]

Through Count Me In, Shane inspires youth to volunteer, and give back to their community.[17] The organization's programs raise awareness for charitable causes, and community service opportunities.[17] To date, Count Me In has reached out to over 10 million youth around the world.[18] Shane alone speaks to tens of thousands of students and teachers each year, and is one of the youngest and most sought after motivational keynote speakers in North America.[18]

Shane began developing Count Me In at the age of 13 while attending Westmount Collegiate Institute, a York Region public high school in Vaughan, Ontario.[19][20] In 2012, he gained the support of celebrities including Ashley Leggat of “Life With Derek” fame, recording artist Victoria Duffield and singer/songwriter Danny Fernandes, who took part in the annual Count Me In conference on May 1, 2012.[20] Following the event, Life With Derek star Ashley Leggat logged onto Twitter to share her support for Count Me In saying "@ShaneFeldman You are the most inspirational person in my life! So proud of you and what was accomplished at CMIC! Thank you. XO".[21] On April 25, 2012, Shane received the Citizen of Character Award from York Region's Fire Chief Bryan Burbidge and Emergency Services and Fire Chief G.R. Senay [22] and he was recognized by MPP Dipika Damerla in her Canadian Parliament Member Statement soon after, on May 9, 2012.[23]

On January 9, 2013, Shane appeared alongside Liza Fromer on Global Toronto's "The Morning Show" to announce new Count Me In supporters, Degrassi star Luke Bilyk and rap sensation Lil Jaxe. Other celebrities who have supported Count Me In include:[24]

・Ashley Leggat

・Luke Bilyk

・Cody Simpson

・Alli Simpson


・Kevin Breel

・Thomas Sanders

・Hunter March

・Jessica Tyler

・Carlos Guevara (X Factor USA)

・Josh Shipp

・Perdita Felicien

・Kristen Chenoweth

・Rick Mercer

・Matt Webb (Marianas Trench)

・The Treble[25]


Shane travels to schools and events, primarily in North America, and speaks to both student and corporate audiences. Shane is currently signed by California based Top Youth Speakers, led by internationally recognized teen expert Josh Shipp.


Shane is a graduate of Westmount Collegiate Institute, a York Region District School Board public high school in Vaughan, Ontario.[20]

Shane studied Radio and Television Arts at the Ryerson University School of Media, in Toronto, Ontario.[24]

Benefit Concert

Canadian Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Jesse Labelle teamed up with musical artists including Juno Award nominated singer Vita Chambers, and chart-topping performer Tyler Shaw to produce a "VIP Benefit Concert" honoring Shane Feldman's 19th Birthday. The Toronto concert was held on November 7, 2013 at The Opera House, and funds were donated to Count Me In (movement) and the Big Picture Project.[26][27]


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