Sabina Citron (born in 1928) is a Holocaust survivor. She is a founder and spokesman of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, charged a Nazi propagandist with incitement to racial hatred against the Jewish people, and prevailed in a civil lawsuit for libel against Imre Finta. She is also the author of The Indictment.

Early life

Citron was born in Łódź, Poland.[1] She performed forced labor in an ammunition factory during World War II.[1] Later during the Holocaust, she was incarcerated in Auschwitz concentration camp, where her oldest brother died.[1][2] Although the rest of Citron's close relatives managed to survive, almost all of her extended family were killed.[1] She moved to Israel in 1948, later immigrated to Toronto, Canada, and now lives in Jerusalem, Israel.[1]

Later life

Citron became a founder and spokesman of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association.[3][4][5][6][7]

In 1983 Citron began a private prosecution under the Canadian Criminal Code against Nazi propagandist Ernst Zündel, a Holocaust denier and pamphleteer, charging him with spreading false news.[8] The charges were based on two pamphlets he had published. Citron alleged that the publications were "likely to cause mischief to the public interest in social and racial tolerance."[9][1][10][11][12] The case was taken over by the Crown Attorney's office, and Zündel was convicted and sentenced to 15 months in jail.[13]

However, on appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal, the conviction was set aside and a re-trial ordered, due to procedural errors made by the trial judge.[9] Zündel was again convicted at the re-trial and appealed, first to the Ontario Court of Appeal, which dismissed the appeal, and then to the Supreme Court of Canada, which allowed the appeal, overturning the decisions of the courts below.[14] In its decision, the Supreme Court held that the charge of spreading false news was unconstitutional, because it infringed the guarantee of freedom of expression in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Citron also prevailed in a civil lawsuit for libel against Imre Finta, after he accused her of being a liar for saying that he had committed war crimes.[1][15][16]

Citron is the author of The Indictment: The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Historical Perspective (Gefen Publishing House Ltd, 2006).[17][18]


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