Rudolf Loman (14 October 1861 in Amsterdam – 5 November 1932 in The Hague) was a Dutch chess master. Son of Abraham Dirk Loman.

Loman had been living in London for a number of years. He played chess for money against rich Englishmen, like his Dutch pupil Jacques Davidson, though he had another profession, organ player. Loman had returned to the Netherlands, and later, in 1912, he would become Dutch champion (the 2nd official NED-ch in Delft).[1]

He won several unofficial Dutch championships: at Rotterdam 1888, The Hague 1890, Utrecht 1891, Groningen 1893 (jointly), Rotterdam 1894, and Utrecht 1897.[2]

In matches he drew with Paul Saladin Leonhardt (+4 −4 =2) at London 1904, lost to Johannes Esser (+0 −3 =1) in 1913 (the 3rd NED-ch, play-off), and lost to Edgar Colle (+1 −2 =2) at London 1922.


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