Rolanda Chagrin (born 7 February 1957) is an Israeli actress and comedian.


Rolanda Chagrin was born in Bucharest and immigrated to Israel on 1961. Her childhood days she spent in Tel-Aviv.

During the years 1977-1981 she studied acting on the Tel-Aviv University on the Faculty of Theater, and was cast for mainly dramatic roles, participating on the plays Mahagony, Waiting for Godot, The Balcony, and plays by the Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin.

After she completed her studies, she was accepted on 1982 as an actress on the Neve Tzedek Theater in Tel-Aviv, where she played on "Nashim Mukot", directed by Nola Chilton. This same year she met her future husband, the actor Julian Chagrin, at the Pantomime Festival in Kiryat Shmona. Later they have toured together on a comedy show around the world, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Tasmania.

During the years 1983-1987 she participated in the writing, acting and direction of the comical television series "Hatismoret" ( The Orchestra ), that was awarded the Golden Rose Award (Rose d'Or). In the Akko festival she played in the film of Naftali Alter, "Irit Irit". She also participated in the production of the "Cannon Movie Tales" of Menachem Golan, and played on the Television shows The Tzatzkanim, and Hopa Hey.

During the years 1989-1991 she played on the cabaret show "Tzitzim".

At the year 1992 she joined the Cameri Theater in Tel-Aviv, and was cast in the plays "Rosh Meshuga" ("Crazy Head"), "Mehager over vashav" ("Emigrant over Immigrant", one of several possible translations of this pun in Hebrew), "Mevaker Hamedina" ("The State Comptroller"), "Shivrei Zhuchit" ("Glass Fragments") and "Striptease Acharon" ("The Last Striptease").

During the years 2001-2006 she played on the solo-act "Rolanda Ad Hasof" ("Rolanda 'Till The End"), and starting on 2007 she played on the solo-act "Rak Al Aztmi Litzhok Yadati...!" ("I Could Laugh Only About My Self ...!")