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Reggie Nadelson is an American novelist, known for writing mystery novels.[1]

Early life

She was born and raised in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York. After leaving local City and Country School and Elisabeth Irwin High School, she went to Vassar College, where she majored in English, and attended Stanford for her graduate degree in journalism.[2] Nadelson was born into a secular Jewish family and describes herself as such today.[3] She has presented several journalists report on secular Jewish culture in America including for BBC radio show, From Our Own Correspondent.[4]


She migrated to London for The Guardian newspaper, and subsequently The Independent. She also began writing documentaries for the BBC.[5] She has also contributed to the United States magazine Vogue, as well as several other London-based newspapers and magazines.

In 1995, she created Artie Cohen, a Russian-born, New York City cop around whom most of her novels would be based.[6]

Tom Hanks has optioned Nadelson's Dean Reed biography Comrade Rockstar and is planning to produce a movie on Reed's life.[7]

Personal life

She spends her time living in both Manhattan and London.


The Artie Cohen series

Other novels



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