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Rebecca Weintraub (1873-July 30, 1952) was an actress in the Yiddish theater who was born in Odessa, Russian Empire.

Her maiden name was Rebecca Fusfeld. She came to America at the age of fifteen. Beginning in her teenage years she played supporting and leading roles with Jacob Adler, Boris Thomashefsky, Bertha Kalish, Molly Picon, and others.

Weintraub's last stage role of significance was in The Family Carvovsky. Her motion picture career began with Breaking Home Ties (1922). She accumulated five screen credits with parts in Uncle Moses (1932), Two Sisters (1938), Tevya (1939), and Three Daughters (1949).

Rebecca Weintraub died in Polyclinic Hospital in 1952 at the age of 79. She was the widow of Sigmund Weintraub, Yiddish theater actor-manager. Her residence was at 340 East Fifteenth Street in New York City.