Rebecca Addelman is a Canadian comedian, writer, and actress currently living in Los Angeles, California.[1] She is a contributing staff writer on Fox's sitcom New Girl.

Background and education

Rebecca Addelman (born 1981) is from Ottowa, Canada. She received a B.A. in literature at the University of Toronto and studied comedy writing and performance at Humber College.[2] After several years working as a copy-editor and performing stand-up comedy, Addelman moved to Los Angeles in 2008.[2]


While performing stand-up comedy in Canada,[2] Addelman was nominated for The Cream of Comedy[3] and wrote humor articles for The Walrus[4] and Toro Magazine, where she has a bi-monthly column.[5] Addelman performs with Toronto comedians Holly Prazoff and Inessa Frantowski as "HIR". She has also appeared as a panelist on the Much Music show Video on Trial.

Addelman has written for the CURRENT TV animated sketch-comedy show SuperNews!, as well as appearing in the HEEB 100[6] (whose book, "Sex, Drugs, and Gefilte Fish", she also contributed to). In April and May 2010 she co-wrote and performed "The Holly and Rebecca Show: A Very Special episode" with Prazoff at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.[7]

She is currently developing a sitcom with CBC Television and is a contributing writer on Fox's sitcom New Girl.[8]