Randall Gene "Randy" Spelling (born October 9, 1978) is an American heir, actor and life coach. He is the brother of Tori Spelling and the son of Candy and Aaron Spelling.

Early life

Spelling was born in Los Angeles, California. He has an older sister, Tori.[1] Spelling attended Montclair College Prep.[2]


In 1995, when Spelling was 17 years old, he secured the role of Flipper Gage in the teen-oriented drama Malibu Shores.[3] The program was produced by his father, which helped him gain the part. Spelling said he took the role because the characterisation was completely different from himself.[4] Spelling was later cast as Sean Richards in Sunset Beach, which was also produced by his father.[5]

In 2007, Spelling took part in his own reality television series, Sons of Hollywood, which aired on the A&E Network. He starred alongside Sean Stewart and David Weintraub.[6]

As of 2009, he works as a life coach between Portland, Oregon and West Los Angeles.[7][8]

Personal life

Spelling dated Paris Hilton when he was 17 and she was 15.[9]

He married Leah Stutz (now Leah Spelling) on September 25, 2010.[10][11] The couple have two daughters: Sage Aurelia Spelling (born June 9, 2011) and Lotus Elodie Spelling (born February 3, 2013).


Starring roles

Selected guest-starring roles

Movie/mini-series/special roles


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