Nathan Fielder (born May 12, 1983)[1] is a Canadian writer and comedian. He is best known for creating and starring in the Comedy Central show Nathan for You.

Personal life

Fielder was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, where his parents were social workers. His family is Jewish.[2] He attended Point Grey Secondary School. Fielder was a member of the school's improv comedy group, which also included comedian Seth Rogen. He studied business at the University of Victoria and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2005.[3][4] During a 2015 interview, he revealed that he was briefly married but is now divorced.[5]


After receiving the 2006 Tim Sims Award for outstanding Canadian comedy newcomer, Fielder went on to join the cast of the CBC comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes as a field correspondent. He has also helped write for Canadian Idol.[6] In 2010, he wrote and directed a number of sketches for season 2 of Important Things with Demetri Martin on Comedy Central.[6] He was also featured as a guest voice actor on the Season 2 finale of Bob's Burgers, Beefsquatch, as well as the Season 6 episode, "The Land Ship".[6]

Fielder played the role of Jon Benjamin's boom operator in the 2011 television series Jon Benjamin Has a Van,[6] and played Bob Woodward in the "Washington, DC" episode of Comedy Central's Drunk History.[7] As of 2013, he now stars in his own show on Comedy Central, Nathan for You.[8] The show is based on the Nathan On Your Side segments that he did for This Hour Has 22 Minutes.[4] Fielder has also guest-starred on the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty. He appears in the 2015 film The Night Before, and will be appearing in the James Franco movie The Masterpiece.

Dumb Starbucks Coffee

Main article: Dumb Starbucks

On February 7, 2014, a coffee shop entitled "Dumb Starbucks Coffee" opened in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.[9] The shop stated that they were operating as a parody of the global coffee company and coffeehouse chain Starbucks and utilized the chain's siren logo and name in their signage, cups, and other materials.[10] The shop mocked items considered to be standard to many Starbucks locations such as Norah Jones CDs and drinks by using the term "dumb" in front of the names, such as "Dumb Norah Jones Duets" and "Dumb Iced Vanilla Latte".[10] Beverages and pastries were distributed free of charge.[9] A few days later Starbucks announced that they were not affiliated with the shop and that they were "evaluating next steps" due to the shop deliberately attempting to mimic the look of a traditional Starbucks location.[11] The identity of the person behind the shop was not released initially and various comedians such as Tim & Eric were theorized to be involved with the prank,[12] as their production company Abso Lutely Productions had applied for a filming permit at the Dumb Starbucks Coffee location.[13] On February 10, 2014, the shop was closed by the Los Angeles County Health Department due to it not having the permits required to operate a coffee shop.[14] Shortly thereafter, Fielder announced that he was behind the parody and the Los Angeles Times noted the prank's similarity to other skits performed on Fielder's show Nathan for You.[15]



Year Title Role Notes
2006 Morris N/A Short film; writer, director
2010 Kelly 5-9 Director Short film
2011 Way Up There Unknown Short film; also writer, co-director
2012 Buyer's Market Unknown Short film; director
2013 The Web Manager Short film; also writer, director, producer
2015 The Night Before Joshua
2016 The Masterpiece Kyle Vogt


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Canadian Idol N/A Segment producer and writer
2008–2009 This Hour Has 22 Minutes Nathan 9 episodes
2011 Important Things with Demetri Martin Guy 2 / Don Shoub / Various Also segment director
2011 Jon Benjamin Has a Van Nathan 10 episodes; also consultant writer
2011 Nick Swardson's Pretend Time Dan Hyannis Episode: "Legalize Meth"
2012–2015 Bob's Burgers Jordan / Nathan (voices) 2 episodes
2013–2014 Drunk History Bob Woodward 2 episodes
2013–2015 Kroll Show Tommy Rothchild / Douglas Dubois / Gil 3 episodes
2013–present Nathan for You Nathan Fielder 24 episodes; also writer, director, executive producer
2014 The League Evan Episode: "When Rafi Met Randy"
2015 The Simpsons Doug Blattner Episode: "Sky Police"
2015 Childrens Hospital Matthew Hauser Episode: "Sperm Bank Heist"
2015 Rick and Morty Kyle (voice) Episode: "The Ricks Must Be Crazy"
2015 The Grinder Officer Collins Episode: "Buckingham Malice"
2016 Animals. DJ Lab Rat Episode: "Rats"
2016 Comedy Bang! Bang! Himself Episode: "Nathan Fielder Wears a Blue and Grey Flannel and Jeans"


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