Mordecai Plaut: is an author from Manhattan, who uses modern critical techniques to shed new light on traditional Jewish sources. He was also the editor of the English edition of Yated Ne'eman, an Israeli newspaper that relates to Judaism[1] until it closed in 2006. Since then he edits the Dei'ah Vedibur website.[2] He has become a slightly controversial figure in some ultra-orthodox corners,[3] but is accepted as a scholar by most who have read his books, or met him. One of his essays attempts to rectify the time lines of the Bible with scientific discoveries made after the writing the of the Torah.[4] Some of the essays are online.[5]

Selected Works

  • At The Center Of The Universe, Essays On Western Space, 1983, Susan Bishop.
  • The Unbroken Chain of Jewish Tradition: A Visual Overview of the History of the Jewish People, 1986, with Pinchus Winston.
  • The Six Constant Mitzvahs, 2009, with Osnat Amchislavsky and S. Weinbach
  • Notes on an Outmoded World View, 1982, an essay. ISBN 1598264362
  • Two Educational Systems - a comparison of Western education and Torah education, an essay.
  • Reason and Random: If the world is fundamentally random, it is not reasonable, an essay.
  • A Timely Note: Based on an analysis of the essentials of a measurement, an essay.
  • The Scientist as Poet; myth-making, an essay.
  • Why the Rambam Would Not Recommend the Study of Modern Science: A discussion of the differences between modern science and what was called science in the Rambam's day, why newer science does not bring one to the love of G-d, 2005, an essay.