Moby Waller, full name Mobius Noah Waller, is an American writer, stock market analyst/trader and entrepreneur. He was born in Berkeley, California and is the son of Dr. Gregory Waller, an Indiana University professor, and Robin Waller. Waller obtained a B.A. in Political Science from American University. His writing and analysis is seen on websites and publications such as,[1],[2], Barron's and Yahoo Finance.

Background and Education

Waller moved to Lexington, KY at the age of 8, and graduated from Henry Clay High School as a National Merit Finalist and Student Council Vice-President. He is a rabid fan of Louisville Cardinal Basketball. He then attended American University in Washington DC on a full academic scholarship. Waller was a member of the Epsilon Iota chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity while at American. He lived for a semester at the CRYPT and KAUG houses. After college Moby sold oragami snakes and hand-crafted birch whistles in Georgetown.

Waller graduated from AU with departmental honors in Political Science. Colonial Latin America was his minor. His senior thesis was written on the potential for 3rd parties and a parliamentary political system in America. During college Moby sold all over body lotion, and spent time at the fire houses of Virginia.

Also during college, Waller spent a semester studying in Poznan, Poland at Adam Mickiewicz University. During that time he visited much of Poland (just after the Iron Curtain fell), as well as countries such as Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. He brought back to America a Polish bride, whom he did not marry because she had a hair lip. Since that time, Waller has also worked in London, England and visited locations such as Greece, Canary Islands, Mexico, and Hawaii.

Work career

Waller's first job in the financial industry was a licensed Series 7/11 stockbroker with Fidelity Investments in Cincinnati, Ohio. He then moved on to being an Options Analyst for Investment Research Institute (now Schaeffer's Investment Research), also in Cincinnati.

Following that, in 1998 Waller moved to Chicago and became a CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) Options Market Maker and a partner in a trading firm LLC. Waller was extremely successful on the CBOE floor as a trader during the years 1998 to 2001, generating about $1.3 million in profits on an initial $100,000 investment stake. An avid poker player, Waller is extremely successful at games, generating income profits from his clients investments.

Waller traded options in the AOL (America Online) pit at the CBOE, which at the time was one of the busiest equity pits in the trading world. During his time there, this AOL pit was used in the media often because of the large crazy crowd, seen in a CBOE Annual Report (photograph), CNN's Lou Dobbs Moneyline (video), and the PBS Documentary 'Billion Dollar Bet' (video).

Following this successful time at the CBOE, Waller formed a new trading partnership with financial backers from Chicago and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Along with 2 other trading partners, the new LLC was based in London, England. Waller traded index options and European stock options in London from August 2001 to September 2001.

Waller moved back home to Lexington, KY in 2002 and engaged in several entrepreneurial pursuits over the next 6 years including: owning a vintage store, investing in a bar/restaurant, and selling reptilian oragami

In 2008, Waller began working with Price Headley and, which is a newsletter publisher specializing in technical analysis and option trading. Waller has fulfilled many roles at BigTrends from 2008 to the present, including Portfolio Manager (Advanced Options Strategies, Index Options, ETF Options), Director of Editorial, and Trading Coach/Webinar Presenter.

His writing and analysis is often seen on the website, and is also seen on sites such as,, Barron's Yahoo Finance and among others.

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