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Miriam Bernstein-Cohen (Russian: Мария Яковлевна Бернштейн-Коган Hebrew: מרים ברנשטיין-כהן‎‎), 1895-1991, was an Israeli actress, director, poet and translator. Born in Kishinev, Russian Empire, (now part of Moldova) she spent parts of her childhood in Kharkov and Palestine. A medical doctor by training and early career, her interest in theater took her to drama school as well and led to her involvement in acting. She studied with Konstantin Stanislavski in Moscow in 1918 before returning to Moldova as an actress, working under the name Maria Alexandrova. She later relocated to Tel Aviv to join the first professional theater company in Palestine.[1] In 1925, she founded the first Hebrew-language periodical in Palestine dedicated to theater, Te'atron ve-Omanut.