Miri Aloni at Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, Purim 2012

Miri Aloni (Hebrew: מירי אלוני‎‎; born December 25, 1949) is an Israeli folk-singer.


Miri went into the army in 1968, serving in Nahal. In the seventies and eighties she played in various bands, including Apocolypse, and had major roles in several movies and TV series'. She was married to Samuel Omni.

Minutes before Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered at a political rally in November 1995, Miri Aloni sang the Israeli pop song Shir Lashalom (Song for Peace).

She lived in Germany from 1999 to 2002. In 2006, Nitzan Gilady made a video of her life: Singing to Oblivion - The Story of Miri Aloni. In recent years, she has been known for her street performances at Carmel Market in Tel Aviv.


  • Smart Gamaliel (1973)
  • Marriage Made in London (1979)
  • Silent Love (1982)
  • Ahava Ilimeth (1985)


  • "Mona Lisa of the Twentieth Century" (1973)
  • "Women from Brecht"
  • "Drop of Love (Ahava peep)" (1987)
  • "A Little Bit of Love" (2002)