Michel Durafour (born 11 April 1920 in Saint-Étienne, Loire) is French conservative politician. He served in many government posts under Jacques Chirac, Raymond Barre and Michel Rocard, and was Mayor of Saint-Étienne from 1965 to 1977.[1]

In 1988, while serving as Minister of Public Service in Rocard's government, Durafour was the subject of a personal attack on his faith which provoked a "storm of criticism".[2][3]Jean-Marie Le Pen, a right wing defeated Presidential candidate, referred to Durafour as "Mr. Durafour-crematoire", a play on words as "four" is the French term for oven, and "oven crematorium" is a reference to the Nazi death camps of the Second World War.[3]Alain Juppe responded by stating that "There are words one does not make jokes about" while the French socialist party spokesman Jean-Jack Queyranne stated that "Mr. Le Pen is showing what he is at heart: a racist and an anti-Semite".[3] Le Pen himself stated that he was responding to Durafour's own accusations regarding Le Pen's role in World War II, and that "Mr. Durafour is not just an imbecile but a bum".[3]


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