Michael Sackler-Berner (born October 12, 1983) is an American songwriter, recording artist, guitarist and singer. He has also had small acting roles on television and film.

Early life

Sackler-Berner was born in New York City, New York. He is the grandson of American psychiatrist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Arthur M. Sackler. Sackler-Berner began playing guitar and songwriting at the age of 11, playing in numerous bands throughout his teen years.

Sackler-Berner studied Music Technology and Humanistics at McGill University in Montreal while founding the band Hearts of Palm. The group had a strong regional following, performing regularly at La Salla Rossa and Le Medley. Their final performance was at Live 8 Montreal. During their time together the members of Hearts of Palm released an album, an EP, had two major network licenses, and toured the East Coast.

Solo career

Following University, Sackler-Berner returned to New York City and began performing as a solo artist under his initials, MSB. His music was referred to producer Bob Thiele Jr. by composer David Mansfield, of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review.[1] Thiele Jr., a former VP of A&R for EMI, who has produced albums for Ray Charles, Bonnie Raitt, and Barrington Levy, produced MSB, Sacler-Berner's first solo album.[2] Completed in December 2008, the album features Jim Keltner, David Mansfield, Reggie McBride, Val McCallum, and John Philip Shenale. Within weeks of its completion it was licensed on the TV shows Law & Order and Sons of Anarchy,[3] and played on Q104.3FM.

Sackler-Berner has had television roles on Law & Order and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. He also had small roles in the Disney feature film, Straight Talk, and HBO film, A Dog Year.[4]


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