Michael Moshonov (Hebrew: מיכאל מושונוב‎‎; born March 3, 1986) is an Israeli actor, singer, musician and TV host. Moshonov won the Ophir Award for Best Actor twice, for Lost Islands and for The Human Resources Manager.

Life and career

Moshonov is the son of actors Moni Moshonov and Sandra Sade (he), and is the brother of the opera singer Alma Moshonov. Moshonov's first appearance on television was in 1990 at the age of 4, when he participated in the Israeli children show Mesibat Gan (he). In 1991, at the age of 5, Moshonov played along with his father on in the Israeli children film Kemo Gdolim (he) along with Arik Einstein. In 1992 at the age of 6 Moshonov participated along with his father and sister in the successful Israeli children film Kvalim (he). In 2001 at age 15 he played in the film Late Marriage alongside his father.[1]

Moshonov studied at the Yoram Levinstein's theater course and in 2004 he played in the Israeli film Itzik. In 2005 Moshonov became a host of the Israeli youth TV show Exit (אקזיט) alongside Ofer Shechter, Shiri Maimon and others.

Through the years Moshonov played in stage productions, films and many television series, including the Israeli drama series "Parashat Ha-Shavua" and the Israeli film Dead End. In addition, he played in Orna Porat stage production "Colors in the sand" (צבעים בחול), which is based on the life story of the Israeli painter Nahum Gutman.

In 2006, Moshonov played the title role in Raphael Nadjari's film Tehilim, which was also nominated for the Palme d'Or prize in the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

In 2007, Moshonov played in Reshef Levi's film Lost Islands. For his performance in this film Moshonov was awarded an Ophir Award in the "Best Actor" category.[2]

In 2008, Moshonov received a leading role in the Israeli Sci-Fi TV series Deus (he). That same year he played the movie "Lebanon", directed by Samuel Maoz.

In 2010, he played in Guy Nativ's movie Mabul (also known as The Flood). For his performance in this film Moshonov was awarded an Ophir Award in the "Best Supporting Actor" category.[3]

Moshonov is also a member of the Israeli hip-hop group "Cohen and Mushon" (כהן את מושון), in which performs along with his friend Michael Cohen.

Garden City Movement - Move On (Music Video)

In March 24, 2014 the first music video that Moshonov directed with Lael Utnik, Mayan Toledano and edited by Gal Muggia was released on Stereogum.[4] The music video was selected for Los Angeles Film Festival.[5]


Year Film Role Notes
1997 Ha-Miklachat  ? Short film
2001 Late Marriage  ? Feature film
2001 Zanav Shel Afifon Guy TV movie
2006–2009 Parashat Ha-Shavua Asaf Na'wy TV series
2007 Tehilim Menachem Feature film
2008 Restless Michael Feature film
2008 For My Father Shlomi Feature film
2008 Lost Islands Erez Levi Feature film
2008 Discharged Nessi Short film
2008 Deus Dani TV series
2009 Private Rooms Eddie Short film
2009 Lebanon Yigal Feature film
2009 Bena Yurik Feature film
2010 Nauseated Ami Short film
2011 Mabul Tomer Roshko Feature film
2011 Ha-shoter  ? Feature film
2011 Chatulim Al Sirat Pedalim Noam Feature film (completed)
2011 Trail People Ben Short film (completed)
2011 Home Front  ? Short film (completed)
2012 Kathmandu (he; yi) Shmulik TV Series
2014 Yona

Music videos


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