Max Rhyser (born July 11, 1982) is a Danish-American-Israeli model, stage, television and film actor.

Early life

Rhyser was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands to a Danish father and American-Israeli mother.[1][2] Throughout his boyhood he moved often with his family around Europe because of his father prone to following the new career paths every few years. When he was 10 his family moved to Paris and when he was 15 they moved to Denmark.[1] Every time his family moved Rhyser would join the local school theatre company.[2] He is fluent and conversational in English, Dutch, French and Danish.[1]


Rhyser's older brother, also an actor but primarily in the European market, paved the way for him. His professional career began at the age of 18 as a stage actor in Amsterdam.[2] Rhyser started his television and film career in 2005 when he signed with Q Management as a model. His first acting role was as a guest-star in BBC sitcom My Hero. In 2007 he appeared in a film A Four Letter Word. He also starred in a short films Heads and Tails, Requited and The Teacher. Rhyser breakthrough film was Homeland, where he played Kobi Zucker an Israeli looking to start fresh in New York City who falls in love with a young Palestinian woman.[3] He also appeared in 2010 Violet Tendencies. His next movie is The Genesis of Lincoln. Rhyser also works as a stage actor.[4]

2009-2011 found Mr. Rhyser's career populated with several short films: Heads And Tails, Dawn, The Teacher, A Fallen Glass, Scotch, The Walk Home, Requited, The Lair, and Decent Men. 2010's Violent Tendencies was a feature-length opportunity for a resurrection of his character "Long John" from A Four Letter Word. In Between Men (2010–2011) is a web series in which Rhyser played a lead character in a group of gay friends in New York. The series' ten-minute format and millennial mentality has been nonetheless compared to gay LGBTQ high-water mark Queer as Folk, and has so far received lackluster notoriety and critical reception. The series is available for free on YouTube and has garnered a substantial cult following. May 2012 saw the release of The Genesis of Lincoln, and yet another feature-length film, Chaser, is currently filming and entering production. Rhyser also works as a stage actor.[4] 2014 starred along Robert MacNaughton and Ashton Leigh in the Damien Leone Indie Horrorfilm Frankenstein vs. The Mummy.[5]

Personal life

Rhyser considers himself Jewish[6] and is openly gay.[1][7] He lived in London where he moved when he was 20. Currently he resides in New York City.


Genre Year Title Episodes Role Notes
TV series 2005 My Hero "Foresight Saga""The Foresight Saga" credited as Max Rishoj
Film 2007 Four Letter WordA Four Letter Word Long John credited as Max Rishoj
Film 2007 Razortooth Eddie credited as Max Rishoj
Film 2008 Homeland (2008 film) Kobi Zucker
Film 2009 Heads and Tails Paulo 50 minutes
Short film 2009 Dawn Matt 36 minutes
Short film 2010 Teacher, TheThe Teacher Bartender 13 minutes
Film 2010 Violet Tendencies Long John
Short film 2010 Fallen Glass, AA Fallen Glass Mugger
Short film 2010 Scotch Danny / Jr. 08 minutes
Short film 2011 Walk Home, TheThe Walk Home Guy / Death 05 minutes
TV series 2010–2011 In Between Men "Pride & Prejudice"
"It Takes Two"
"Business as Un-Usual"
"Secrets and Ties"
"Muscles and Manbags"
"Trouble in Paradise"
Jacob Ross 06 episodes
Short film 2011 Requited Gregor 20 minutes
also a segment of the compilation film Blue Briefs
Short film 2011 Lair, TheThe Lair Raphael 18 minutes
Short film 2011 Decent Men Soldier 11 minutes
Film 2012 Genesis of Lincoln, TheThe Genesis of Lincoln Lance Dobbins directed by Richard O'Sullivan
Short film 2012 Chaser Zach 15 minutes
Short film 2012 Bare 08 minutes


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