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Marlene Hassan-Nahon (born in 1976) is a Gibraltarian historian, journalist and politician, currently serving as a member of the Gibraltar Parliament since 2015.[1] She is married and has four children.


Marlene Hassan Nahon is daughter of the late Chief Minister Sir Joshua Abraham Hassan and his second wife, Marcelle Bensimon, both Jews of Moroccan origin. She has a BA in History of Art and Architecture from the University of Manchester, and is currently a postgraduate student in journalism at the London School of Journalism.[2]

Political career

After the death of minister Charles Bruzon, she launched herself as a candidate for the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) in the by-election of 4 July 2013. In a press conference, she stated that she didn't have an agenda (besides the desire to contribute positively to Gibraltar), and said that she was "disappointed" with the policies of the ruling party (the GSLP) and willing to change the composition of the Parliament, where there is an "overwhelming number of lawyers" representing both groups of parties.[3] Nahon received 39.95% of the total votes cast, but was not elected.[4]

Member of the Parliament of Gibraltar

For the Thirteenth elections to the Parliament of Gibraltar, Hassan Nahon ran for a seat, resulting in her being elected on 26 November 2015 for the period starting on 9 December 2015 and ending in 2019. On 19 May 2016, she resigned from the Gibraltar Social Democrats, alluding to "toxic" tensions within the party;[5] she decided to continue as a member of the parliament, albeit as an independent.[6]

On September 15, 2016, during a heated exchange of words in the Parliament of Gibraltar with the Minister of Justice, Gilbert Licudi, he swore at her repeteadly, while the microphone was off, but still clearly audible. The Gibraltar Women's Association, represented by the committee member Zohra El Gharbaoui, questioned the lack of attention to this matter by Gibraltarian government, adding that this was beyond a gender issue, a "complete lack of respect for a fellow MP".[7] On September 23, Licudi issued a public apology to MP Hassan-Nahon.[8]

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