Mark Moiseevich Stolberg (born 1922, Rostov-on-Don - died 1942, Novorossiysk) was a Russian chess master.

Stolberg won the Rostov-on-Don City championship in 1938. The next year he took 2nd in a Soviet master candidates tournament.[1] In 1940, he shared 1st with Eduard Gerstenfeld in Kiev (the 12th USSR-ch semi-final),[2] and tied for 13-16th in Moscow (the 12th USSR Chess Championship won jointly by Andor Lilienthal and Igor Bondarevsky).[3] In June 1941, he was in 4th place in Rostov-on-Don (the 13th USSR-ch semi-final), when the German attack on the Soviet Union interrupted the event.[4]

He entered the Soviet Army at the end of 1940, and disappeared on 16 May 1942 in the battle of Malaya Zemlya (lit. "Minor Land"), a part of Novorossiysk on Russia's Black Sea coast against German troops.