Marjorie Gross (April 18, 1956 – June 7, 1996) was a television writer and producer. She wrote for such shows as Newhart, The Larry Sanders Show, Square Pegs, Get A Life, and Seinfeld.[1]


She wrote four episodes of Seinfeld: "The Fusilli Jerry", "The Understudy", "The Shower Head", and "The Secretary".

She was the first cousin of Canadian comedian and writer Spencer Rice.


During her battle with ovarian cancer early in 1996 she wrote an article, "Cancer Becomes Me," for The New Yorker. She tried to find humor in the situation by joking that she wanted to hold on until November 1996, so that she would not have to risk being re-incarnated as Madonna's child (as Madonna was pregnant). Gross died in June 1996 at age 40.

Seinfeld's eighth season premiere, "The Foundation", was dedicated in her memory.