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Mariano Idelman (Hebrew: מריאנו אידלמן‎‎; born 27 June 1974, Argentina) is an Israeli actor and comedian. He is well known for acting in the popular TV show Eretz Nehederet.


In 1996 he appeared in Dudu Topaz's stand-up comedy show called The First in Entertainment with Eli Finish, and signed a 2-year contract with the show.

Idelman and Finish continued working together with a stand-up act called Ovrim Al HaTzhok (a word play on Ovrim Al HaHok, Hebrew for "breaking the law"), and in 2001 created their own show named Ahla Seret ("A Great Movie"). In 2002 they released a 'best moments' DVD. In the same year, they appeared in a show on Bip called Lo Nafsik Litzhok ("(We) Won't Stop Laughing") along with Tal Friedman, Asi Cohen and Rotem Abuhav. The first two continued with Idelman and Finish to Eretz Nehederet in 2003.

Eretz Nehederet

Idelman began his career starring in Eretz Nehederet in 2003, along with Eli Finish, Tal Friedman, Asi Cohen, Orna Banai, Eyal Kitzis, etc. He has parodied numerous real-life persons, including Shimon Peres, Moshe Katzav and Amir Peretz. In recent seasons of the show, he has been the comedic Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Arab Labor

Idelman also appears as a regular character in the ongoing Israeli TV comedy series "Arab Labor" (Arabic: شغل عرب ; Hebrew: עבודה ערבית) produced by Keshet Broadcasting since 2007. He plays the perennially lovesick Meir, a Jewish-Israeli photojournalist and friend to the main character of the show.