Lisa Niver Rajna (born October 18, 1967) is a travel writer, teacher, travel agent and speaker who has traveled to over one hundred countries and six continents. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, she is the first child of Frank[1] and Judi Niver.[2] She attended the University of Pennsylvania and still writes for the alumni blog, Frankly Penn.[3]

Teacher and traveler

Niver Rajna worked as Senior Assistant Cruise Director and Youth Activities Coordinator on Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Renaissance Cruises for seven years. MSN and have interviewed her for articles on career growth and re-inventing yourself abroad as related to a career in travel.[4][5]

After meeting George Rajna online in 2007, their first trip to a "Dog Hotel" in San Luis Obispo seemed to spell disaster for the relationship and was reported about in the Chicago Tribune.[6]

The couple persevered and went on sabbatical from 2008–2009, traveling in Asia while losing sixty pounds and getting engaged underwater in Koh Lipe, Thailand. asked her about weight loss and dating[7] and interviewed her about dating and deal breaker habits.[8]

Teaching science[edit]

Returning to teaching in Los Angeles after their sabbatical year, Niver Rajna started the Los Angeles Science Teachers Network (LASTN)[9] in September 2009 in her home. In May 2013, the professional development network will have its fourteenth session. Over seventy teachers and forty schools have been involved to date. In Westside Today, information about teaching, science and LASTN was presented.[10] In the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Impatient Optimists article, "Teachers Need A Village," the importance of teachers needing support from groups like LASTN is explored.[11][12]

In Bootsnall's article, "How a Career Break can Help Your Career!", Niver Rajna gave examples of how traveling creates engaging teaching are shared from Mongolia and Indonesia.[13]

Frequently asked about teaching science integrated with her travel experience, she has been quoted in,[14],[15] Green Living Arizona (in print),[16] the Huffington Post[17] and been on National Television on the show, Career Day.[18]

Niver Rajna wrote a column for LA Mom Magazine, "Science and Your Child,"[19][20][21][22][23] ran a successful science summer camp and has a science-based website called, Science Isn't Scary.[24]

Her teaching style has been the subject of other articles, including "Success Story: Science Fair Projects with Real-World Impact” about how her students use technology and real world connections to learn about their passions and get inspired to solve today’s biggest issues.[25] Her article on learning with a Newbery Award winner was in print in the Jewish Journal.[26]

Niver Rajna has also written about brain research in regards to education and social media,[27] as well as the race to return to the moon.[28]

Travel: creating We Said Go Travel[edit]

The couple, both members of the Travelers' Century Club, began We Said Go Travel.[29] a website with earned ratings of PR 5 and PA 50 in May 2010. They left America in July 2012 and are currently traveling in Asia. Their website shares stories of culture and meaning with video and photos and its primary purpose is to bring global awareness. Highlights of their articles: "A Royal Cremation in Ubud" in National Geographic Intelligent Traveler,[30] and in print about the festival at Inle Lake in the Myanmar Times.[31]

The pair were invited to speak in Kathmandu by the Nepal Tourism Board, where they read from their travel memoir for the first time. The feature editor interviewed them and had a full-page article was published in the Himalayan Times.[32]

Both are bloggers for Huffington Post[33] as well as the Jewish Journal.[34] Their first Huffington Post articles were a "He Said, She Said" on their travels in Bagan, Myanmar. George's article: "One Thing My Wife and I Don't Agree on" [35] Lisa's article: "Terrorized by My Bike For My Birthday in Bagan" [36] Niver Rajna and Rajna are the co-authors of the 2013 memoir, Traveling in Sin.[37][38]

Book reviewer

Niver Rajna has published over three dozen book reviews in the Huffington Post, Jewish Journal and Technorati. Her essay on revolution, gender relations and violence against women in India was in the World Section of the Huffington Post.[39] An article on inspiration reviewing several books on travel was published in the Books section of the Huffington Post.[40] She has published many reviews on in the Travel, Lifestyle and Women sections.[41] She was invited to be part of the TLC Book Tour for Have Mother, Will Travel.[42] Jonathan Tropper's book, One Last Thing Before I Go, was the subject of one of her most popular reviews and Huffington Post pieces about regrets and are you living your best life? The questions of inspiration, purpose and living a meaningful life often appear in her articles.[43]

Awards and accolades

  • Number Five in Top 50 Best Travel Blogs of 2012[50]


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