Ken Finkleman (born 1946) is a Canadian television and film writer, producer and actor.[1]

Finkleman was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Canada, Finkleman is best known as the writer, creator and producer of the CBC Television series The Newsroom, in which he starred as television news producer George Findlay. He later produced a number of other series for Canadian television as well, including Married Life, Foolish Heart, Foreign Objects, More Tears, Good Dog, and Good God. Each of these series also included Findlay as a linking character; according to The Globe and Mail Finkleman describes Findlay as his vehicle for exploring issues that both intrigue him and tick him off.[2] His 2006 series At the Hotel was his only television project to date not to include George Findlay as a character.

Finkleman also wrote the screenplays for a number of Hollywood films in the 1980s, including Grease 2 and the Madonna film Who's That Girl. He both wrote and directed Airplane II: The Sequel. His television productions are seen, in part, as a reaction to his experiences in the mainstream Hollywood studio system.

His brother, Danny Finkleman, is a longtime radio personality on CBC Radio One, who retired as host of Finkleman's 45s in 2005.