Jacques Schwarz (January 1856 – 13 June 1921) was an Austrian chess master.[1]

Born in Moravia, he tied for 5–6th at Graz 1880 (Adolf Schwarz, Johannes Minckwitz and Max Weiss won). In 1881, he tied for 7–8th in Berlin (2nd DSB-Kongress, Joseph Henry Blackburne won). In 1883, he took 9th in Nuremberg (3rd DSB-Kongress, Szymon Winawer won). In 1889, he took 3rd in Dessau. In 1890, he tied for 6–7th in Vienna (Kolisch Memorial, Weiss won). In 1893/94, he won ahead of Georg Marco in Vienna. In 1895/96, he took 5th in Vienna (Carl Schlechter and Weiss won).[2]

Schwarz died in Vienna at age 65.[1]


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