Isidor Chein (March 12, 1912 – April 18, 1981) was a psychologist who conducted research on minority group identification. He co-wrote an amicus curiae brief in the Brown v. Board of Education case. He earned a bachelor's degree from City College in 1932 and a doctorate from Columbia University in 1939.[1]

Chein's research was mainly concerned with social concern. He worked for the administration of Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia on social problems affecting New York City. He was also director of research of the Commission on Interrelations of the American Jewish Congress. In 1954, Chein, Stuart W. Cook, and Kenneth B. Clark wrote what was known as "the social scientists' brief" for the purpose of acquainting the judges on the Supreme Court with the impact segregation had on the psychological functioning of African American children. The court cited two papers written by Chein in its 7-0 decision to strike down school segregation.[2]

Chein taught psychology at City College and New York University. In 1976 he was named Great Teacher by the Alumni Federation of NYU.[1]


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