Isaak Yakovlevich Mazel (Belarusian: Ісак Якаўлевіч Мазэль; December 1911, Minsk – March 31, 1945, Tashkent) was a BelarusianRussian chess master.[1]

He tied for 8-9th at Moscow 1931 (the 7th USSR Chess Championship, Mikhail Botvinnik won), tied for 15-16th at Leningrad 1934 (the 9th USSR-ch, Grigory Levenfish and Ilya Rabinovich won).[2]

He shared 2nd, behind Nikolai Riumin, in Moscow City Chess Championship in 1933/34,[3] tied for 9-12th at Moscow 1936 (the 4th Trade Unions ch, Georgy Lisitsin and Vitaly Chekhover won),[4] and won ahead of Vladimirs Petrovs in Moscow City-ch in 1941/42.[5]