Hugo Fähndrich (1851–1930) was an Austrian–Hungarian chess master.

Born in Hungary, he moved to Vienna. In 19th/20th century, the Viennese chess school, founded by Max Weiss, was propagated by the Carl SchlechterArthur KaufmannHugo Fahndrich trio.[1]

He was the tournament director at Kaiser Jubiläumsturnier 1898 in Vienna.[2] In 1898 he, along with Alexander Halprin and Georg Marco, renewed Wiener Schachzeitung.[3]

He played several tournaments in Vienna; took 3rd in 1896 (Marco won), took 4th in 1897 (Schlechter won), took 9th in 1897/98 (Marco won).[4]



Hugo Fähndrich: Internationales Kaiser-Jubiläums-Schachturnier, 1981, ISBN 3-283-00057-3

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