The Hip Hop Hoodíos (from Spanish judíos = Jews) are a multilingual rock en español/alternative rock and hip hop band. They are composed of Josué Noriega (born Josh Norek), Abraham Vélez, and Federico Fong (former member of La Barranca, Jaguares and Caifanes). Their debut EP 'Raza Hoodía' contains three songs based on different Latin styles as well as rock en español ("Ocho Kandelikas" being co-written by Juan Manuel Caipo from Orixa) and rap music; and two more rap-oriented tracks, including "Dicks & Noses." The full-length 'Agua Pa' La Gente' album is a leap in production values, and features guest artists Frank London (The Klezmatics) and Paul Shapiro (Brooklyn Funk Essentials). The group has collaborated with several Grammy-winning artists, including members of Ozomatli, Jaguares and The Klezmatics.


  • 2002 Raza Hoodía EP (JN Media)
  • 2005 Agua pa' la gente (Jazzheads)
  • 2007 Viva la Guantanamera EP (Nacional Records)
  • 2009 Carne Masada: Quite Possibly the Very Best of Hip Hop Hoodíos (Jazzheads)