Henry Ellis Daniels FRS[1] (2 October 1912 – 16 April 2000)[2] was a British statistician. He was President of the Royal Statistical Society (1974–1975), and was awarded its Guy Medal in Gold in 1984, following a Silver medal in 1947. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1980. The Parry-Daniels map is named after him (together with the English mathematician Bill Parry).[3][4]

His family was Jewish, of Russian (partly Polish and partly Lithuanian) origin.[5]

Henry graduated from the University of Edinburgh and went on to study at Clare College of the University of Cambridge.[2] In 1957, he became the first Professor of Mathematical Statistics at the University of Birmingham.[2] He stayed at the university till his retirement in 1978. After retirement, he went to Cambridge and lived there until his death.[6]

The watchmaker George Daniels (no relation) enlisted Daniels' help with the equations required for the design of his Space Traveller's Watch.[2]

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