Gerald Krefetz (died 27 January 2006)[1] was an American author specializing in financial topics.

Personal life

He was married to Ruth Marossi Krefetz. Together the couple had Adriene and Nadine.[1]


Krefetz wrote on the economic status of Jewish communities in America[2] and on antisemitism.[3] In 1961, Krefetz was noted for calling attention to the lack of material about the Holocaust in American school textbooks.[4][5]


  • Money makes money: and the money money makes makes more money, 1970
  • Jews and money: the myths and the reality, 1982
  • The Parents Guide to Paying for College, 1999
  • The Basics of Stocks, 2005
  • The Basics of Speculating, 2005
  • The Basics of Investing, 2005
  • How to Read and Profit from Financial News, 1995
  • Investing Abroad
  • Leverage, 1986
  • The Book of Incomes, 1982
  • The Dying Dollar, 1972
  • The Smart Investors Guide, 1982


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