Eliezer Dob Liebermann (April 12, 1820-April 15, 1895) was a Russian Hebrew-language writer of Jewish origin.


He was born in Pilvischok in the region of Suwałki. His father was a shohet, a kosher butcher, and gave him a normal Jewish education. At the age of twelve he was sent to his uncle R. Elijah Schick ("Reb Elinke Lider"), then the rabbi of Amstibove, who instructed him in Talmud and rabbinical literature. In 1838 he went to Vilna and joined the Maskilim. In about 1844 he settled as a teacher in Białystok. In 1867 he left to Suwałki, remained there about twenty years, and then returned to Białystok.


Liebermann was the author of Megillat Sefer, a collection of short stories, essays, fables, and letters, and of Zedek u-Mishpat, a Hebrew adaptation of S. D. Luzzatto's "Lezioni di Teologia Morale Israelitica". He wrote also "Ge Hizzayon", and a number of articles which he published in various Hebrew periodicals.


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