Eitan Avitsur (Hebrew: איתן אביצור; born 1941 in Jerusalem) is a composer and conductor.

Biographical information

Avitsur's formal education commenced with study for a Teaching certificate-music theory(1967) and Degree in music:composition and conducting (1972) at the Rubin Academy of Music. His studies were concluded in 1976 at the Rubin Academy,directed by Igor Markevitch and Salszburg's Mozarteum where he specialized in conducting.[1] Commencing a professional involvement with Bar-Ilan University in 1972, he was appointed in 1987 as conductor of the Jerusalem Youth Orchestra. In 1990, he created the foundations the Electro-acoustic music programme which were developed under his tutelage,also establishing there a computer-music laboratory. The list of works which he is the creator or composer of include more than three hundred; oratorios, cantatas, symphonies,chamber music and background music for more or less two hundred movies and T.V. programs.[2]


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  • Bar-Ilan University webpage list of conducting activities, original works, involvement with Jerusalem Youth Orchestra, orchestral works and music for film.