Eduard (Esra) Glass (born 1902 - died after 1980) was an Austrian chess master.

He won at Vienna 1927,[1] and shared 1st with Erich Eliskases at Innsbruck 1929 (Austrian Chess Championship).[2] He played several times in the Trebitsch Memorial in Vienna.[3][4]

Glass represented Austria in the 5th Chess Olympiad at Folkestone 1933.[5] In April 1935, he tied for 3rd-5th in Tel Aviv (the 2nd Maccabiah Games, Abram Blass won).[6] He tied for 8-10th at Budapest 1936 (Mieczysław Najdorf and Lajos Steiner won).[7] After Anschluss in 1938, he moved to China, and living in the Shanghai Ghetto survived the World War II.[8]

After the war, he took 15th at Marianske Lazne 1959 (Lev Polugaevsky won),[9] and took 5th at Reggio Emilia 1960/61.[10]


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