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Douglas Norman Cotler (born October 2, 1949) is a Grammy award winning singer-songwriting and composer based in Los Angeles, California.

Doug Cotler is a Grammy Award-winning composer and an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician. Cotler tours the country extensively sharing his innovative music with Jewish communities everywhere.

Blessed with a warm and expressive voice, Cotler’s sensitive and penetrating interpretations of liturgy as well as his insightful and humorous songs about Jewish events and heroes have placed him in the forefront of contemporary Jewish music.

Cotler’s musical career includes composing the symphony, “The Golem,” which was performed by Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, performing country, pop and rock music with such well-known artists as John Denver, Jerry Jeff Walker and Mason Williams, and recording five original Jewish music albums. Cotler’s 1984 Grammy was awarded for writing “Manhunt,” a powerful song featured in the hit album and movie, “Flashdance.” His multi-faceted abilities have uniquely defined Doug’s career. For the last 8 years, Doug has been the musical producer of the Reform Movement’s National Biennial Conventions.

With his father, a Cantor, providing training from the age of nine, Cotler’s professional career began at 14, singing in Southern California synagogues and Jewish Community Centers. When Doug’s father died, he assumed his father’s position as Cantor at a large reform congregation in the Bay Area.

From young children to adults, Cotler’s music appeals to a wide cross-section of Jewish music lovers. His breakthrough album, “Listen,” contains the hit song, “Standing on the Shoulders.” This expressive song is used extensively as a theme for conventions, films, and religious services. Cotler’s other albums include “It’s So Amazing!”, fun Jewish songs for all ages. “Whispers In The Wind”, adult-contemporary songs on Jewish themes. “Down Home”, Jewish Bluegrass. His cover album, “Echoes,” contains Jewish-American popular classics. His newest albums are, “A Rose In December,” which reflects songs of healing and peace, a live concert recording, “Everyone’s Invited - Doug Cotler LIVE!” and “Funny Jewish Songs,” a hilarious exposé of Jewish musical humor.

Doug is currently the Cantorial Soloist at Congregation Or Ami, in Calabasas, California. A native Californian and resident of Woodland Hills, California, Doug and his wife Gail, have two sons, Kyle and Noah.


Partial; see discography for the list on his website.

  • Listen
  • It's So Amazing! - Songs for Jewish Children
  • Whispers in the Wind
  • Echoes
  • Funny Jewish Songs
  • Everyone's Invited - Doug Cotler Live
  • My 'Magination - Children's Songs featuring Pobba
  • Rose in December


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