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Diane Flacks is a Canadian comedic actress, screenwriter and playwright.

She has co-written and starred in numerous television series, including The Broad Side, P.R., Behind the Scenes and Listen Missy. She has also written for The Kids in the Hall, and acted in Walter Ego and Moose TV. Her plays have included Sibs (cowritten with Richard Greenblatt), Smudge (with Alex Bulmer) and Gravity Calling.

She has also written and performed four one-woman stage shows: Myth Me, By a Thread, Random Acts and Bear With Me. Bear With Me was based on the book of the same name published by MacMillan Stewart in 2005, about pregnancy and new motherhood through a humorous lens.

In 2007, Flacks became a featured columnist with the Toronto Star, and is a regular contributor for the CBC Radio show Definitely Not the Opera.

She is Jewish and openly lesbian.[1]

Awards and honors

Selected filmography


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