David Schütz (1989)

David Schütz (Hebrew: דוד שיץ‎‎, born August 5, 1941) is an Israeli fiction writer.


David Schütz (birth name Dietmar Engbert Müllner) was born in Berlin and immigrated to Israel at the age of seven.

He has a master's degree in History from The Hebrew University, and has also studied cinema at the BFI.

His first book "The Grass and the Sand" (Hebrew: העשב והחול‎‎) was published in 1978. The book was translated into French (L'herbe et le sable : roman) and into German (Gras und Sand : roman).[1]

Schütz has published 9 books.


Schütz has received a number literary prizes, including:

His Writing

David Schutz' experiences as a child and adolescent are central to his wiriting. His characters struggle with the aftermath of catastrophe of the Holocaust, suffering its consequences in their day-to-day existence, often from the stanpoint of a child. Schutz balances the more metaphysical elements of his writing with a solid grounding in time and place.

Published books

  • L'herbe et le sable, novel; translated from Hebrew by Liliane Servier (Paris: Hachette, 1981)
  • Gras und Sand, novel translated from Hebrew byJudith Brüll-Assan and Ruth Achlama (Hildesheim: Claassen, 1992)
  • Das goldene Tagebuch, translated from Hebrew by Mirjam Pressler (Frankfurt/Main: Ali-Baba-Verlag, 1993)[3]
  • Trilogie des Abschieds, novel, from Hebrew by Barbara Linner (Hildesheim: Classen, 1993)
  • Avischag, novel, from Hebrew by Mirjam Pressler (Hildesheim: Claassen, 1996)
  • Das Herz der Wassermelone, German/Israeli edition, translated from Hebrew by Pavel C. Goldenberg. With an afterword by Wolf Biermann (Hildesheim: Claassen, 1995).
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עד עולם אחכה, תל אביב : זמורה-ביתן, תשמ"ז 1987.
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