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Daniel Yemin is a vocalist and musician in the melodic hardcore punk scene.

He played guitar in the early 1990s with the band Lifetime, and in the late 1990s with Kid Dynamite. Yemin also played in Resurrection (sic).[1] Since 2001, he has been the vocalist of Jade Tree Records hardcore band Paint It Black, and still plays guitar in Lifetime, who reformed in late 2005. He also plays bass in Armalite, a band fronted by Adam Goren whose debut album is available through No Idea Records. Additionally he recently started a new band with fellow Paint It Black member Andy Nelson and Bridge & Tunnel (band) guitarist Rachel Rubino in Philadelphia.

Yemin grew up in Westfield, New Jersey.

After Kid Dynamite broke up in 2000, Yemin suffered a stroke. Rather than settling down after this event, he formed Paint It Black, whose first album was named CVA, an abbreviation for cerebrovascular accident, in reference to his illness.

Yemin has a doctorate in psychology from Widener University and is a practicing child and teen psychologist in the Philadelphia suburbs of Ardmore and Paoli.[2] He is also a vegan.[3]



Kid Dynamite

  • Kid Dynamite (Jade Tree, 1998) - LP
  • Shorter, Faster, Louder (Jade Tree, 2000) - LP
  • Split w/ 88 Fingers Louie (Sub-City, 1999) - EP
  • Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems (Jade Tree, 2003) - LP + DVD
  • Four Years In One Gulp (Jade Tree, 2006) - DVD

Paint It Black

  • Demo (2002)
  • CVA (2003)
  • Paradise (2005)
  • New Lexicon (2008)
  • "Goliath" 7" (2008, limited to 500, available only at New Lexicon release show)
  • Amnesia 7" (2009)
  • Surrender 7" (2009)
  • Invisible 7" (2013)



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