Bruno Edgar Siegheim

Bruno Edgar Siegheim (24 May 1875 in Berlin, Germany – 5 November 1952 in Johannesburg, South Africa) was a German–South African chess master.

He took 3rd, behind Julius Finn and Hermann Keidanski, at New York 1903 (The Rice Gambit tournament at the Manhattan Chess Club).[1] Then, he twice won South African Chess Championship (1906 and 1912), and lost to Max Blieden in challenge (1910), defeated Harry Duhan in challenge (1911), and defeated Henk Meihuizen in challenge (1912).[2]

After World War I, he tied for 5-6th at Malvern 1921 (Frederick Yates won), and shared 2nd with Richard Réti, behind Akiba Rubinstein, at Hastings International Chess Congress in 1922/23.[3] He also played a match with Mir Sultan Khan at London 1929.[4]

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