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Memorial to Bernie Winters, Golders Green Crematorium

Bernie Winters, born Bernie Weinstein (6 September 1930[1] – 4 May 1991), was an English comedian and the comic relief of the double act Mike and Bernie Winters with his older brother, Mike. Winters later performed solo, often with the aid of his St. Bernard dog, Schnorbitz. Following his death, Winters bequeathed Schnorbitz to showman Richard De Vere.


Bernie Winters was born Bernard Weinstein, on 6 September 1930. His father was a bookmaker. Bernie served in the merchant navy and performed as a musician at dances and weddings before forming the double act Mike & Bernie Winters with his brother Mike, whom he called "Choochie-Face" on stage.[2] In October 1957 the duo appeared on Six-Five Special and were described in the Daily Mirror as top comics for Britain's teenage TV audience.[3] They had been recommended to the show's presenter Josephine Douglas by Tommy Steele with whom they had been on a stage tour. They both left the show the same day that she did, on 10 May 1958.

Bernie split with Mike in 1978, and in the late 1970s and early 1980s he presented The Big Top Variety Show, a television series of variety shows from a circus ring. In 1984 he presented the second series of the game show Whose Baby? He also became a regular on shows such as Punchlines and Give Us A Clue and gave an impression of Bud Flanagan on television and later on stage, with Leslie Crowther as Flanagan's partner Chesney Allen.

On 14 August 1990, after three months of discomfort and stomach pains, he had a major operation on his stomach and cancer was found. Much of it was removed. However, though he was never told, Winters' condition was terminal, and he died on 4 May 1991, at the age of 60.

Bernie was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium in London on 8 May, and his ashes interred in the Garden of Remembrance. A memorial plaque was erected in the West Memorial Court there.

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