Avraham Solomon is a Jewish orthodox vocalist, musician and composer residing in Houston, Texas.

Music career

Solomon's musical career started as a child singing in Amudai Shaish for a short time, but eventually joined the Miami Boys Choir. Avraham became a star soloist[1] and was featured on "Torah Today" and "Miami Experience #1".

He was brought back for "Miami Experience #5". After high school he started singing with various wedding orchestras, including Neginah Orchestra, Aish Orchestras and Singers, Barock Orchestras, Steven Scott and many others.[2] During this time he performed with many a cappella groups and was the featured singer for Kol Zimra's first album, Kolanu B'yachad.

Personal life

Avraham married and moved to West Hempstead, New York and continued his music and started the Young Israel of West Hempstead choir performances. After living in West Hempstead for five years, he moved to Houston to become the only Orthodox Jew to provide live Jewish music performances in Texas.[3] He now performs[4] both as a vocalist and a one-man-band/orchestra.[5] His performances were written up in Houston Bridal Magazine.[6] As of 2011 he was a member of Young Israel of Houston. He lives with his wife Leah and their three children.